Transportation Safety Grants

Annually, federal funds are made available to the Illinois Department of Transportation through the US Department of Transportation to promote traffic safety on our roadways. Our goals are to reduce motor vehicle crashes, fatalities and injuries, increase the use of occupant protection devices and reduce impaired driving.


At the IDOT grant's website you will find several grants for law enforcement agencies to increase safety belt usage, reduce DUI and reduce speeding on our roadways. You will also find grants for community agencies to promote booster seat usage, child passenger safety, pedestrian safety, and bicyclist safety along with injury prevention grants you can customize to address traffic safety problems in your community.


In general, requests for a Highway Safety Project must be received no later than mid-February for the next fiscal year. The federal fiscal year begins October 1. Additional grant programs may be opened during other time periods as required.

Click here to apply for law enforcement and non law enforcement local highway safety grant programs.