Ignition Interlock in Illinois


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Illinois' New Law and Administrative Rule: Nuts & Bolts

Susan McKinney, Manager, BAIID Unit, Illinois Secretary of State

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Law Enforcement & Ignition Interlock Devices

Steve Luce, Trooper, Washington State Patrol

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Ignition Interlocks, A Judicial Perspective: A Panel Discussion

Judge Tony Montelione (Ret.), Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois

Judge Mark Schuering, Circuit Judge, 8 th Judicial Circuit, Illinois

Judge Harvey Hoffman, 56 th District Court, Michigan

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Rural Ignition Interlock Issues

Mark Neil, Senior Attorney, National Traffic Law Center

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The Promise of DUI Courts

David Wallace, Director, National Center for DWI Courts

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Separate Alcohol from the Offender…and Your Job Will Get Much Easier

Steve Talpins, VP of Industry Relations, Alcohol Monitoring Systems

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22 Years of Alcohol Interlocks in Cars: Milestones, Problems, and Opportunities

Dr. Paul Marques, PhD., Senior Research Scientist, Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation

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New Mexico Interlock Program

Dr. Richard Roth, PhD., Executive Director, Impact DUI

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Closing the “No Car” Loophole in Ignition Interlock Legislation: Research and Recommendations

Dr. Richard Roth, PhD., Executive Director, Impact DUI

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New Mexico & Ignition Interlock – The Perspective of a First Offender State

Melinda Saiz, Ignition Interlock Supervisor, State of New Mexico Metro Court

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Realizing the Potential of Ignition Interlocks

Dr. Jeff Michael, Acting Associate Administrator for Research and Program Development, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

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